9 Strategies of Satan & Strategies of Jesus: How to Defeat Satan

9 Strategies of Satan & Strategies of Jesus: How to Defeat Satan

9 Strategies of Satan
Discover the nine diabolical strategies Satan has in his evil arsenal of weapons that he will try to aim at you, your family, finances and your ministry. His deceptive tricks include keeping Christians in spiritual ignorance and speaking lies to lure you into a spiritual sleep. But, you can know the dangers ahead and be prepared to win the war against the devil! In 9 Strategies of Satan, Morris Cerullo clearly reveals God’s spiritual strategies that you can use to counter the attacks of Satan, overcome his strategic plan, and win the spiritual war!

Strategies of Jesus: How to Defeat Satan
Jesus confronted Satan and defeated him by speaking the Word of God. It is God’s plan that you will be able to defeat the enemy’s attacks against your life in the same way. In Strategies of Jesus, you will discover that when Jesus spoke the Word:

•   Satan fled!
•   The winds and the sea obeyed!
•    Demons trembled!
•   The blind could see!
•   The deaf could hear!
•   The lame walked!
•   The dead were raised

Knowing the voice of God will allow you to face Satan knowing that you are invincible in Jesus through the power of His Word.

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